A Seat in The Class

Preferential treatment for youth who volunteer

A Seat in The Class and a Job to Pay For It - is our call to action for a global movement offering preferential treatment to youth who have shown commitment to community service by volunteering in non-profit; organizations, programs and projects, or a service-oriented campaign that serves to improve their community.

We call on decision makers, universities, public and private corporations, governments at the municipal, state and federal levels to recognize and reward youth commitment to community service by giving them preferential treatment in the form of a job to help them pay for reduced tuition fees at all levels of education; primary and secondary, vocational skills training, college, and university.

Young people need priority placement for employment and educational opportunities. Youth education and employment policies can include referendums and laws to mandate this change in social reform.

The V Sign take action and help us prevent child trafficking by tweeting #ifyouknowachildyoushouldkowthevsign

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SASEF is advocating for a Stop Trafficking our Children and Youth Day.  Children and youth deserve a day of their own to bring more awareness not only to their suffering under the hands of traffickers but knowledge about prevention, protection and the many organizations offering support, a way out and an overall safety net from the hideous crime of trafficking.

Join us in saving children's lives by requesting The V Sign advocacy materials to educate young people on how to use this silent self identifier.   Contact sasef@thevsign.org. 

In support and recognition of the United Nations longstanding efforts to protect children and youth, plus the numerous youth serving organizations working diligently to keep our children safe we invest, campaign, and advocate on the dates listed below.