International Reading Corners - Safe Spaces to Discover the World 


We know reading changes lives and lifts children out of poverty.  In many low income neighborhoods there are no libraries and normal reading materials like newspapers, TV Guides nor comics are sold at the local grocery store. 

Together with our partners and volunteers, we build "child friendly" safe spaces for kids to come and enjoy reading, do their homework, watch a movie or play a game.  In some cases these children have never seen or held a book in their lives.  

International Reading Corners - Safe Spaces to Discover the world creates interactive learning spaces within established cultural and social projects benefiting children and adolescents, who live in disadvantaged neighborhoods.

Having free access in a safe environment designed for both children and young people making them feel safe and secure to relax, to learn and know more about the multicultural world in which they are inserted.  In partnership with organizations in the three sectors of society, children and teenagers who visit SASEF libraries benefit from a list of opportunities and can envision better opportunities for integration, inclusion, learning and employablility.