Education and Decent Jobs for Youth

At Shirley Ann Sullivan Educational Foundation we focus on making the lives of young people better by providing education as a solution to poverty, advocating for protection, human rights education and helping young people identify a career path to obtain decent jobs for better futures.

Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world
— Nelson Mandela

scholarship to school

Imagine not being able to read, write or count.  Imagine thinking there is no hope for you to attend school because your family can't afford it.   It leaves you completely  powerless, hopeless and makes you easy prey for almost anything and anyone.  We provide education to children who without our help could not attend school.  When we educate a girl it changes the economic future of her family and her entire community.   Together we have given hundreds of students  the opportunity to learn.  Join us and Send A Child to School.  


human rights education

People can only practice human rights if they know what their rights are.   Educating and training students in human rights plays a crucial role in their understanding and prevention of human rights violations.  When students are taught human rights they are better equipped to identify violations like discrimination, gender equality, social exclusion, etc. and work to achieve resolution instead of conflict.  


decent work and decent pay

preparing youth for employment

71 million unemployed youth worldwide and 156 million young workers living in poverty: youth employment remains a global challenge and a top policy concern
— International Labor Organization

4500 young people have attended a SASEF Education for Employment Workshop, Seminar or Conference.

Our world is growing and ever changing.  New skill sets are emerging every day - today's youth need our help more than ever before to get a and keep a decent job that helps them prepare for a better economic future.   We encourage young people to volunteer as a path to develop employable skills.  To date we have been extremely successful helping young people transition from volunteer to employee.