We are giving children and youth a chance to go to school, find a job and create a better future for themselves, their families, and future generations. 

SASEF has created programs in direct support of The International Baccalaureate® (IB) Primary Years Program and Middle Years Program.

the day projects

The Day Projects educate children and youth on the benefits volunteer initiatives have on our society.  In collaboration with youth serving organizations we organize youth in internationally recognized Day Campaigns like Global Youth Service Day, Literacy Awareness Day, International Day for the Eradication of Poverty, The Day of the Volunteer,  Stand Up for MDGs, International Day of Peace, World Aids Day and more. 

 Children and youth participate in day projects educating them on the value and impact volunteering has on an individual and its community.

educate every child

Award Winning Program

Development Education in the Classroom and Youth in Philanthropy have been world recognized by UNESCO and Foundation Maurício Sirotsky for "Forming the Consciousness of Citizenship" of children and youth. 

Through game play, students learn how international non-governmental agencies differ from non-profit organizations and the important role diplomatic missions play in helping other countries.

Part of the program is dedicated to teaching the students how to create, administer, and evaluate a project in their prospective communities. We discuss the reasons to create community projects and put the project in motion for the class.

The goal is to teach and motivate students to have a better understanding of what people living in poverty face and how they can actively participate and make a difference. The projects are evaluated by peer students in the areas of sustainability, environment, and budget vs. actual costs, time management, and effectiveness.


adopt a school – creating better schools

Developing corporate partnership providing support to schools in developing areas where a corporation is operating or simply wants to create a philanthropic project for its employees.

The corporation encourages its employees to physically engage with the faculty and students alike by donating resources; to include; TIME, SKILLS, MENTORING and various other supplies like; computers, desks and more to foster the spirit of community development and corporate sponsorships.

mentoring in partnership

Transitioning from student to employee can be a daunting experience but add in the challenge of being hired to work for a multinational company in your home country, which may be a developing country.

This is known as 'local hire" or 'hiring locally" – being hired by the global company in your community is an honor and provides tremendous economic benefit to the individual, their family and the community but it’s not always an easy transition.  There are new challenges for the employee and employer alike; culture, language, ethics and work expectations. There may be a lack of experience and role models to help young people understand just how much is expected of them in order to achieve their dreams.

SASEF mentors the new employee for a year - working directly with the employer to ensure corporate expectations are met.  We stay in close contact with human resources and department managers helping them understand the culture of the people they are working with.  Building relations between national and international community is not easy but it can be successfully achieved.

SASEF has successfully mentored students into JOBs with companies like British Petroleum, Chevron, Kendeja Hotels and Resorts, CARE and Luanda International School.