Todd McQuillan Memorial Arts Fund

The V Sign Children's Arts Project 2020


We are humbled and honored at the generous support this fund has received on behalf of Todd McQuillan's grandfather the late William "Bill" McQuillan.  We extend our deepest condolences to all who loved him so very much.    Please make your gift (checks) to SASEF, attention Todd McQuillan Memorial Arts Fund .

Todd McQuillan Memorial Arts Fund established September 30, 2006 to celebrate the life of Todd McQuillan and honor his tremendous love for music and art. 

The McQuillan family and their loved ones realize the importance for children to have opportunities to experience the arts; especially children denied these opportunities due to limited financial resources or from lack of a connection with the arts community.

Your continued support makes it possible for the Todd McQuillan Memorial Arts Fund to be an ongoing fund dedicated to bringing the arts to children and youth all over the world. We are committed to raising funds supporting children and the arts to stimulate feelings, expressions, and ideas.

Do you have a children’s art project that needs funding, contact us for more information

Artist Marluana Fernandes is a direct recipient of Todd McQuillan Memorial Arts Fund.  In support of our Children's Protection Program Ms. Fernandes created this child friendly posters entitled The V Sign Children's Series 2013.  If you would like more information on how to receive your free Child Protection Toolkit please contact us.