Shirley Ann Sullivan Educational Foundation supports the United Nations and its agencies.  Our contribution in providing scholarships, workshops for education employment strategies - job placement, stopping violence against children and human rights education would not be possible without the commitment and support of our volunteers, donors and partners.


In 2010 we were honored to received Special Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations.  In 2012 the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) with Foundation Maurício Sirotsky recognized us for our Development Education in the Classroom Program "and our Youth in Philanthropy Program for "Forming the Consciousness of Citizenship" in children and youth. In 2016 we became members of United Nations Global Partnership to End Violence Against Children


We began creating programs in direct support of the United Nations Millennium Development Goals in 2002 with our commitment to Health Literacy, Primary Education and Education for Employment in Angola.  Our teaching the Millennium Development Goals in the public school classrooms we learned first hand Southern Brazil lacked technology, libraries and arts education. To fill this crucial gap in education we donated thousands of books to schools and youth serving organizations like the YMCA/YWCA.  Building and donating digital libraries that also served as safe spaces for children to read a book, watch a movie or learn a new language have empowered hundreds of children.  

Picture This......a children's educational photograph exhibition created to raise awareness of Millennium Development Goal #2 was held in 2004; Atlanta, GA and Luanda, Angola.

Hundreds of children participated in Imagine If.... a writing essay contest based on the Millennium Development Goals.  Children shared their vision of what the world might look like if the goals were achieved.  UNESCO Germany recognized the winners on their website. 

In helping to organize United Nations Day of Volunteering 2011 we donated SASEF authored Millennium Development Goals Photo Story and Exhibition; a collection consisting of 28 photographs was presented to Ellen Loj Fmr. Special Representative of the Secretary-General fo the United Nations Mission in Liberia and Coordinator of United Nations Operations. 

Youth Employment

Our Education for Employment Conferences held in Brazil, Liberia and the United States during 2006 - 2012 were created in support of the Millennium Development Goals.

We further support UN General Assembly Resolution A/RES/57/165 (December 2002) on Promoting Youth Employment and UN General Assembly Resolution A/RES/58/133 (January 2004) on Policies and programs involving youth has a number of references to youth participation in policy making. 

The World Program of action for Youth to the Year 2000 and Beyond (A/RES/50/81) recognizes that the active engagement of youth themselves is central to its successful implementation and according affirms the full and effective participation of youth in society and decision making as one of its 10 priority areas for action. This resolution ask policy makers to "Take into account the contribution of youth in designing, implementing and evaluation national policies affecting their concerns. 

We interpret the above to include youth employment with a focus on youth obtaining employable skills during volunteer activities.   In our unwavering support we create;

A Seat in The Class and A Job to Pay for It

Is our call to action for a global movement offering preferential treatment to youth who have shown commitment to community service by volunteering in non-profit; organizations, programs and projects, or a service-oriented campaign that serves to improve their community.

We call on decision makers, universities, public and private corporations, governments at the municipal, state and federal levels to recognize and reward youth commitment to community service by giving them preferential treatment in the form of a job to help them pay for reduced tuition fees at all levels of education; primary and secondary, vocational skills training, college, and university.

Volunteerism develops employable skills

Young people need priority placement for employment and educational opportunities. Youth education and employment policies can include referendums and laws to mandate this change in social reform.

In 2011 United Nations Volunteers in Liberia invited us to help author the nations policy on volunteerism. 

Since 2012 we have worked in support of the United Nations Global Initiative to Fight Human Trafficking (UN.GIFT) by creating The V Sign, we further support the creation of;

End Violence Against Children; stop trafficking, bullying and all forms of violence against children.

We propose the International Day to Stop Trafficking Children   


Shirley Ann Sullivan Educational Foundation continues to create innovative award winning programs, projects and initiatives in direct support of the United Nations and its youth serving initiatives.