Make a Difference by.........


Sending A Child to School                     

Our fundamental work is sending kids to school who otherwise can't afford to go.  This year we have a special focus on sending girls to school.  Your donation can help change the rest of a girls life. 

Donate teen emergency hotline Cards                                        

WHEN YOU SEE SOMETHING SAY SOMETHING.  Our wallet size teen emergency teen emergency hotline cards provide young people with life saving emergency phone/text numbers to suicide hotlines, rescue hotlines and rape crisis centers.   Now they will know who to call. 

Todd McQuillan Memorial Arts Fund  

Encouraging and supporting arts in the classroom.  We support children's theater workshops, painting and drawing, murals to bring attention and solutions to social problems children are facing.  

youth Education for Employment seminars

Sponsor an Education for Employment seminar to help young people learn how to develop employable skills while volunteering.  Visit our contact us page for more information. 

General donations are used to further our mission and vision of educating kids and keeping them safe. 


Pay Pal Donations!

Shirley Ann Sullivan Educational Foundation is in its 17th year of operation as a 501(c)(3) non profit organization.  Your generous donations are appreciated and will be used to further our tax exempt status.