The United Nations

In 2010 we were honored to received Special Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations.  In 2012 the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) with Foundation Maurício Sirotsky recognized our commitment to “Development Education in the Classroom" and our Youth in Philanthropy Program for "Forming the Consciousness of Citizenship" in children and youth. In 2016 we became members of United Nations Global Partnership to End Violence Against Children.




End violence against children

In 2013 we created and piloted The V Sign - a simple hand symbol, that a child of any age can use to self identify they are in danger.  The V Sign is our contribution to a preventative measure to stop violence against children.   We further support separating child trafficking from human trafficking and campaign for An International Day to Stop the Trafficking of Children.


youth education for employment - youth develop employable skills through volunteerism

Annually, we host an Education for Employment Seminars where students are connected with opportunities to volunteer and gain the employable skills necessary to transition from school to a career, regardless of their financial situation.   To date, thousands of young people have attended a Shirley Ann Sullivan Educational Foundation "Education for Employment" Seminar. 


millennial's and gen z

A Seat in The Class and A Job to Pay for It

Is our call to action for a global movement offering preferential treatment to youth who have shown commitment to community service by volunteering in non-profit; organizations, programs and projects, or a service-oriented campaign that serves to improve their community.

We call on decision makers, universities, public and private corporations, governments at the municipal, state and federal levels to recognize and reward youth commitment to community service by giving them preferential treatment in the form of a job to help them pay for reduced tuition fees at all levels of education; primary and secondary, vocational skills training, college, and university.