Dedicated volunteers with a proven record of success.



At Shirley Ann Sullivan Educational Foundation there is no paid staff, that means your donation goes exactly where you expect it - sending kids to school and keeping them safe.


Executive Team

Rhonda Staudt, President

Tansy Breshears, Vice President

Suzanne Wright, Secretary/Treasure

Sarah-Jane Mungo, Director       

Palma DeLaine, Director         

Michelle Alsbrook, Director

Joao Tinen, Director

Salam Zahran, Director


Fred Weedor

Augusto Altreiter

Alberto Bessil

Ayana Singhateh

Daniel Serafini

Danielly Votto

Darrell Alsbrook

Debra Ayers

Dori Aldinger

J. Michael Propert

Jeff McQuillan

Jacques Nginga

Kimberly Fields

Laney Allison

Lynn Toornman

Laurie and Jade Horn

Bridget Beckels

Dr. Paula Mark


Luis Chiengeue

Craig and Jean Driear

Marluana Fernandes

Melissa Kim

Herbert Staudt

Melissa Kim

Natalia Marques

Rabia Tahir

Whitney Stewart

Raquel Oberst

Salam Zahran

Sandra Baltchuke

Sandra Guerrero

Rita Klein

Rob de Sanno

Theresa Munanga

Michelle Bova

Serissa Bobb




Partners and Memberships

These are organizations who have donated to us, collaborated on projects with us and supported our work for nearly two decades. 


AÇÃO - Projetos Sociais (PAPS)

Ariel Foundation International

American Cultural Institute of Brazil

American Women’s Association in Angola

Avril Foundation

Brazilian Association of Cultural Exchange

Bread for the Poor

Calvary Empowerment Team

CARE International

Catholic Relief Agency

CAUSES Facebook

Center for Integration of Education and Employment

Child Rights Information Network

Child's Rights Campaign

CIEE-RS - Centro de Integração Empresa - Escola

Clinton Global Initiative

Cultural Institute of North America

Eastside Community Development Corporation & LEAP

Eckart  Institution

Escola Aberto

Federation of Industry Rio Grande do Sul

Global Youth Action Network

Global Youth Service Day

Goethe Institute


Grantmaker’s Without Boarders



Great Nonprofits

Guide Star

Human Rights Watch

International Baccalaureate Organization

International Organization for Migration

International Women’s Clubs


Junior Achievement

Juniper Foundation

Kansas Charity Check

Messengers of Peace Liberia

Millennium Flat Blue Tree Hotels

Ministry of Youth and Sports Liberia  

MTV/Vit Music Brazil

Municipal Educational Systems OA

Network for Good

ONE Campaign

One World One Future

Projecto Pescar

Red Cross

Rotary International

Sunshine Comes First

Taking It Global


The Campaign for U.S. Ratification of the Convention on the Rights of the Child


The Communication Initiative

United Nations Children's Fund

United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organization

United Nations Global Alliance for Internet Communications Technology for Development

United Nations Global Impact

United Nations Volunteers

Universal Giving

Urban Connection

Volunteer Match

Wildfire Project

Women’s World Summit Foundation

World Food Bank


Youth Action International

Youth Are Partners for Empowerment International

Youth Employment Network

Youth Employment Summit

Youth for Community Academic and Development Services

Youth Preparatory Movement for the Brightest Future