Educate    Inspire    Protect

Our mission is to improve the quality of life for children and youth by providing education and advocating for their protection from exploitation and physical harm.


Founded in 2001, the Shirley Ann Sullivan Educational Foundation has worked tirelessly to improve children’s lives; many of our programs directly support the United Nations initiatives focused on educating and protecting children

The Shirley Ann Sullivan Educational Foundation (SASEF) improves outcomes for children, lifts them out of poverty, and ensures their lifelong success in three key ways: We enable children to obtain an education, train young people in valuable skills, and we pioneer initiatives that prevent child harm.  

SASEF recognizes that education and employment are the two key steps that will bring children out of poverty. Through the generosity of donors, we are able directly fund scholarships for students to attend school who otherwise could not afford to do so. In addition, we host two yearly conferences focused on youth employment and volunteerism.


SASEF works to ensure that all children are safe from all forms of violence. In 2013, SASEF piloted the use of The V Sign, a simple hand symbol that a child of any age can use to self identify they are in danger. In addition to piloting the use of The V Sign, the Todd McQuillan Memorial Arts Fund teaches children human rights in concert with arts education, increasing children’s awareness and understanding of their own rights.


Our vision

is a world where every child is educated, and protected from all forms of harm, having a voice as their needs are met, allowed to grow up with dignity, equality and respect.  A world where every young person has access to employment and opportunity.