Todd McQuillan Memorial Arts Fund

Todd McQuillan Memorial Arts Fund established September 30, 2006 to celebrate the life of Todd McQuillan and honor his tremendous love for music and art. 

The McQuillan family and their loved ones realize the importance for children to have opportunities to experience the arts; especially children denied these opportunities due to limited financial resources or from lack of a connection with the arts community.

Your continued support makes it possible for the Todd McQuillan Memorial Arts Fund to be an ongoing fund dedicated to bringing the arts to children and youth all over the world. We are committed to raising funds supporting children and the arts to stimulate feelings, expressions, and ideas..


Send A Child to School

Send a Child to School awards scholarships for children and youth who otherwise could not afford to attend school.  The financial support of education and educational activities are designed to encourage academic development and offer training programs that help students become self-sustaining individuals. Scholarships are paid directly to the school or university, we pay for tuition, materials and transportation when necessary.

Child Protection

Empowering youth to take the lead in protecting themselves and others. We distribute life saving information in the hands of young people is one of the toughest challenges we have faced.  We are  working to end the trafficking of children, providing survivor spaces for healing, bringing awareness to bullying, and distributing safety awareness materials.  Join us in our initiatives to save lives.

The V Sign is saving children's lives.

Children's Rights are Human Rights

Repeatedly our team says, "protecting children is the hardest work we do". In many places children are regarded as a means to a financial end, another mouth to feed, something to sell, or sadly another child to exploit.   We are committed to advocate more on how to prevent children from becoming victims of any form of abuse. 

Children should be taught their rights in school and encouraged to exercise them. They should know how to protect themselves,  how to identify they are in trouble, where to safely report violations, and be provided with a safe place to stay while justice is served. 



Education for Employment

Today students tomorrows leaders

We know when young people volunteer they gain employable skills.  Often these skills are referred to as soft skills but we view them as hard skills - employable skills like word processing, computer software, accounting, fundraising, writing reports, submitting grant proposals, time management, community mobilization, public speaking and presentations skills.  Our workshops trust young people to organize, take part in and lead international advocacy campaigns working with politicians, partner organizations, and community leaders to create positive change.